Menopausal Mom Makes a Hot Flash!


Like the brown bear in the spring, I have come out of my (20 year) hibernation/hiatus and am foraging for sustenance/jobs. 


Why now?  Why come back to acting at the tender age range of "older" - after such a long break? 


Maybe it’s the $2.71 residual check I got from “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, or the invitation from SAG to be on the nominating committee, or maybe it is simply my midlife crisis. 


I got married, had 2 kids, taught pilates, and had a whole lot of hot flashes. What I realized is that my time “off” wasn't really “off”. I act everyday. 



Being a parent is quite possibly the most challenging and rewarding acting part that I have ever played. I have to act like listening to my 13 year old daughter playing the violin doesn’t sound like a cat being tortured while I’m in the throes of a hot flash and just want to stick my head in the freezer. 



So here I am, I am back. I'm back in acting class, putting up scenes, I'm on all of these "new fancy

casting sites", I've got representation across the board, and I've already shot 2 pilots, 2 music videos (with Marshmello and 070 Shake no less), a sizzle  reel, and shot my first short feature film which I wrote, produced, and starred in. 


So, if you are looking for an older, menopausal, Jewish mom of 2 from the valley, look no further. 

I’m it, you’ve found me. Let’s do lunch.


Demo Reel 2018


The Menopausal Mom IS BACK.


Demo Reel 2018

#VoiceOver Reel
Voice Over Reel - Julie Phillips
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Eris Talent Agency/Dee Russo


Tangerine Talent/Sueanne Edan


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