I'm kind of like the over 50 crowds post-menopausal answer to Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

4 years ago, I was a soccer mom recovering from hot flashes, now I'm a global producer.  

Okay, perhaps not quite that. 

But I have content that I have written, produced, and starred in that is now streaming on IndieFlix an international streaming platform supported by AppleTV, Roku, and the Firestick apps.

If I can create ALL THIS, starting from scratch (I didn't even know how to use the Google) then I am very excited about where the next 4 years will go from here!!

Here is what I accomplished in my first 4 years back:

  • Booked and shot a huge guest starring role on The Young and the Restless.

  • Wrote, produced, and starred in 3 short films. 

    • One Hot Day, about a day in the life of a menopausal woman with hot flashes, won 2nd Place Audience Choice at the Sedona International Film Festival, has been nominated for Best Comedy Short, and I was nominated for Best Actress! It is currently being developed into a feature film.

    • Judd and Nancy Across America currently streaming on IndieFlix.

    • Bereaved - making the festival circuit

  • Shot 2 independent pilots 

  • Shot 2 Music Videos, one with Marshmallo and the other with 070 Shake

  • Created 3 seasons of my web series, BOTHERED

    • Winner of The Best Comedy Series by the British Web Awards,

    • Nominated for Best Writing, Best Comedy Series, and winner for Best Actor at the Micheaux International Film Festival

    • Currently streaming on IndieFlix

  • Created and wrote 2 seasons (22 episodes) of a web series with a friend called Searching For Josh Brolin In The Apocalypse (Yes, THAT Josh Brolin, he was my first boyfriend), now streaming on SEEKATV

  • Helped produce and starred in popular web series Derek Deloy The Pool Boy 

  • Wrote and shot Wrong Number a four part mini-series directed by Cathy Cahlin Ryan (SWAT, The Shield) and co-starring Julia Montgomery (Betty Childs, Revenge of the Nerds) about finding friendship in quarantine accidentally through a wrong number.

  • Starred in and helped create Drip, a short film for the "Just Scare me" Film Festival that shows what lengths a woman will go to to get a good nights sleep.

  • Guest-Starred in the riveting web series The White Room

  • Co-Created the short The Love Monster for the Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge.

My next project, currently in development, is called  Covid Book Club, and it stars legends such as;

Julia Montgomery (Revenge of the Nerds), Maite Garcia, (Kenan, All Rise, Good Trouble), Denise Ryan-Sherman (Jane The Virgin, Lois and Clark) and introduces Sierra Deanne whom you won't soon forget.​​

I'm old, I'm bold, and I'm one hot flash away from fitting into my skinny jeans.