I'm kind of like the over 50 crowds post-menopausal answer to Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

4 years ago, I was a soccer mom recovering from hot flashes, now I'm a global producer.  

Okay, perhaps not quite that. 

But I have content that I have written, produced, and starred in that is now streaming on IndieFlix, an international streaming platform supported by AppleTV, Roku, and the Firestick apps.

If I can create ALL THIS, starting from scratch (I didn't even know how to use the Google) then I am very excited about where the next 4 years will go from here!!

Here is what I accomplished in my first 4 years back:

  • Booked and shot a huge guest starring role on The Young and the Restless.

  • Wrote, produced, and starred in 3 short films. 

    • One Hot Day, about a day in the life of a menopausal woman with hot flashes, won 2nd Place Audience Choice at the Sedona International Film Festival, has been nominated for Best Comedy Short, and I was nominated for Best Actress! It is currently being developed into a feature film.

    • Judd and Nancy Across America currently streaming on IndieFlix.

    • Bereaved - making the festival circuit

  • Shot 2 independent pilots

  • Shot 2 Music Videos, one with Marshmallo and the other with 070 Shake

  • Wrote, produced, and starred in 3 seasons of my web series, BOTHERED

    • Winner of The Best Comedy Series by the British Web Awards,

    • Nominated for Best Writing, Best Comedy Series, and winner for Best Actor at the Micheaux International Film Festival

    • Currently streaming on IndieFlix

  • Created and wrote 2 seasons (22 episodes) of a web series with a friend called Searching For Josh Brolin In The Apocalypse (Yes, THAT Josh Brolin, he was my first boyfriend), now streaming on SEEKATV

  • Helped produce and starred in popular web series Derek Deloy The Pool Boy 

  • Wrote and shot Wrong Number a four part mini-series directed by Cathy Cahlin Ryan (SWAT, The Shield) and co-starring Julia Montgomery (Betty Childs, Revenge of the Nerds) about finding friendship in quarantine accidentally through a wrong number.

  • Starred in and helped create Drip, a short film for the "Just Scare me" Film Festival that shows what lengths a woman will go to to get a good nights sleep.

  • Guest-Starred in the riveting web series The White Room

  • Co-Created the short The Love Monster for the Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge.

  • Co-starred in several other web series and independent short films all making the festival circuit.

My next project, currently in development, is called  Covid Book Club, and it stars legends such as;

Julia Montgomery (Revenge of the Nerds), Maite Garcia, (Kenan, All Rise, Good Trouble), Denise Ryan-Sherman (Jane The Virgin, Lois and Clark) and introduces Sierra Deanne whom you won't soon forget.​​

I'm old, I'm bold, and I'm one hot flash away from fitting into my skinny jeans.